Warranty terms

Warranty conditions:

  1. Maximum time covered by warranty service for 36 month door opener and for 24 month jacks
  2. To use the service, providing the warranty card is mandatory
  3. Use the appropriate cable to install the device (standard 0.6 standard cable)
  4. Better after completion of installation work, electrical devices to be connected.
  5. Do not open the cable with cables (electricity, telephone, antenna, and lifts) in one direction.
  6. Install by skilled people according to the manual
  7. The items used in the opener should be Taba products.

Cancellations warranty:

  1. Damage caused by shock, fire, fluctuations in electricity, water and chemical penetration, fracture, non-tin-plated wires and lightning do not include warranty.
  2. The device must be legible and valid serial label
  3. Opening the warranty tag, repairing or checking the device by unauthorized persons or centers will the invalidate warranty.
  4. Provide service after the warranty period is required to pay the cost.