Message from CEO

Taba Electronics Co., as one of the leading manufacturers of audio and video door opening products, has established its management quality system based on the standards (ACE Customer Satisfaction Standard), CE Europe and ISO 10004: 2010.
Taba Electronics Co., in order to achieve its quantitative and qualitative goals, has drawn the following items as lines and meshes.
1- Correct understanding of customer demands and effort to provide it.
2- Trying to time delivery requirements of customers as the most important indicator of a company's goals Taba.
3- Create Continuity and sustain a culture of prevention of waste quality in all company units.
4- Continuous training of all personnel in different levels of organizations.
5- Design and production of new products for intelligent building construction industry.
6- Maximum standards for products based on the experiences and references of the world day.
7- conquer export markets in the CIS countries and the Persian Gulf states.
8- The importance of preserving the environment and green space development.