Taba Electronics Co. was founded in 1983 by producing a variety of amplifier devices. The company quickly produced audio and video doors opening products for safety and security in the long run. Audio and video using the technology of the world day and enjoying the creativity of domestic engineers and specialists has become one of the largest producers of audio and video doors opening in the last three decades.
The use of experienced industrial designers, advanced machines, and continuous planning to improve the quality and provide after-sales service is one of the factors that brought the products of this company to the attention of consumers, mass-builders and construction industry custodians.
Having technically advanced, the use of precise and modular for any of the goods, intermediate and advanced management, in order to produce quality products the world that all the efforts of managers and employees commit the company to conquer new markets, both domestic and foreign is available.
Receiving numerous certifications from reputable international organizations, including TUV standards, ASC10004: 2010-ISO9001-8000 and CE, has led the electronics industry as one of the most durable at the second summit and high-level executives in the country. Industrial companies in Iran are elected.
Provision of skilled human resources, efficiency and innovation in the production of new products, continuous improvement of quality, simplicity and beauty in designs, reasonable prices for consumers and value to customers' demands are among the most important factors in the past 30 years, Vhst final consumer confidence.
Another of its products is the production of electromechanical jacks for large parking doors, garages and villas. The jack of the two-speed with a programmable ability to move the door weight is 800 kg.
The company has a land with an area of 25 thousand square meters of office buildings on several floors of the space and complies with international standards for the development of its own activities.
Create independent mold making, washing and painting, plating, injection molding, metal work and under the supervision of experienced technical staff, ensuring standards of CE, ISO 10004: 2010 and ACS (standard customer satisfaction) for the company has brought.
The production of complementary parts inside the company and the non-referencing of these products to various workshops will allow continuous monitoring of the product process and thus lead to customer satisfaction.