1Does the company have a installer?
2 How much does it cost to install the device?
10% of the invoice amount.
3Can I have a salesperson number?
4Is there Retail distribution center is has?
No, go to your city salesperson.
5Where can I buy?
No, go to your city salesperson.
6Where is the damaged device service agent in Bandar Abbas?
Contact the service center.
7Product Price Inquiry?
go to your city salesperson.
8How long is the product warranty?
IPhone Video 36 months, 24 months jacks opener.
9What is a non-memory monitor?
1024c & 2043c.
10Which monitors are connected to the telephone line?
1910 & 3070 & 200.
11What memory card model is suitable for memory monitors?
Flash memory 10 and at least 8 GB.
12Which monitor will open the two doors?
Except 1024c and 2043c, the rest of the monitors open two doors.
13Does each arm jack a few Weight of Tolerance?
1910 & 3070 & 2070.
14Which monitors are without a handset?
15Which monitors connected to CCTV camera becomes the maximum number of monitors to be connected?
Each arm can withstand 400 kilograms of weight.
16Does each jack have a few remote and there is an extra remote?
2 remote numbers - yes available.
17Coding Panel Supports Multiple Units?
128 units.
18What is the coding panel’s accessory?
Coding Switch - Trans 735.
19In the installation of the coding panel, each switch has several units; and each transceiver supports 735 multiple switches?
Each switch is 4 units and each 4 switches have a single trans 735 and a total trans coding needed.
20What model is the smallest and the largest monitor?
Monitor 1024 (2.4 inches) and monitor 1910 (10 inches).
21Which panels have 2 wires?
Sepehr panels and Sahand.
22Currently 2 wires support up to several units?
Up to 32 units.
23Are 2-wire monitors connected to all 4-wire panels?
No, just the panels 2 wire for power supply special.
24Is the monitor panel and both should be Taba?
Yes; it does not answer the opener's other models.