Color Image Panel Taba

  • Page of aluminum and plastic material resistant to heat and cool
  • Play ringtones simultaneously with the interior for the referring
  • Mild lighting to identify the names of the units
  • It is impossible to influence rain water inside the machine
  • Camera: 1/3” CMOS Sony color type
  • Camera angle of 75 degrees
  • Camera rotation: 46 ° in the horizontal direction and 16 ° in the vertical direction
  • Signal to Noise Ratio: Better than 52DB
  • Minimum Lighting: 0/05 Lux
  • Picture review system: Pal 625 line
  • Video output: one volt peak-peak
  • Ability to open the door through the card
  • Capable of saving 1000 cards and tags(TAG)
  • Ability to delete and add cards individually and totally
  • Has two master card, to access the system.
  • Panel card reader utilizes NFC technology.
  • The NFC is in fact the newer version of RFID. RFID waves have little security due to the unilateral communication and winning range. That is, there is the possibility of carving a single ID for thieves. While the NFC communication range is limited to 4 "and its relationship is two-way, the use of NFC is critical for critical applications such as credit card or traffic at security locations, and is unaffordable (Impervious).