Color Image panel Taba with Card Reader

  • Page of aluminum and plastic material resistant to heat and cool.
  • Mild lighting to identify the names of the units.
  • It is impossible to influence rain water inside the machine.
  • Play ringtones simultaneously with the interior for the referring.
  • Has a capacitive touch keyboard.
  • Ability to Installed with 2 wires up to 32 units.
  • Camera: 1/3” CMOS Sony color type.
  • Picture review system: Pal 900 line.
  • Minimum Lighting: 0/05 Lux.
  • Video output: one volt peak-peak.
  • Signal to Noise Ratio: Better than 52DB.
  • Ability to open the door through the card.
  • Ability to delete and add cards individually and totally.
  • Ability to save 5 cards for each unit.
  • Taba Card reader uses NFC technology, which is uncompromising and highly secure.
  • communication range is limited to 4 "and its relationship is two-way, the use of NFC is critical for critical applications such as credit card or traffic at security locations, and is unaffordable (Impervious).