Smartphone door opener screen- touch screen colorvideo

  • Has a screen TFT LCD 10” – system pal
  • Touch screen type (TOUCH SCREEN)
  • Ability to connect to camera HD
  • Control top and the ability to separate the image (resolution) 1024x3(RGB)x768DOT
  • Capable of installing a memory card from 8 GB to 128 GB for recording photos and videos
  • Capable of displaying 8 simultaneous images per page
  • It has a motion sensor for intelligently capturing images for CCTV cameras
  • Can be connected to 2 front panels and 6 CCTV
  • Ability to set the alarm sound, image and also shows the status of the image setting on the screen (OSD)
  • Equipped with internal communication (two lines) for conversation between units and a security conversation with up to 128 units
  • Telephone connectivity and call transfer capabilities when not in the home and opening the door through the telephone line.
  • Farsi and English language
  • Has solar calendar and European calendars
  • Includes ambient temperature indicator
  • Ability to copy photos and videos in flash