Smartphone door opener screen - touch screen color video

  • 1 - 4.3 inch TFT LCD display - Pal system.
  • 2- Display Touchscreen TOUCH SCREEN.
  • Has an image magnification capability.
  • 4- Can be connected to the front two panel of the door.
  • 5- Ability to install, only 2 wires up to 32 units.
  • has built-in memory with the ability to store 200 images and the ability to install an external memory card 4G ~ 32G to store 15-second video and video with the voice.
  • Has an internal connection.
  • In this system, only the dual-monitor can have an image, a monitor can show the front of the door, and the other monitor only enters the menu screen.
  • For each set only one guard is defined.
  • The number of units is defined by the switching diaphragm behind the monitor.
  • Have the Available in Persian and English languages.
  • Has Solar and Milady calendars